Quickies: New Regs for Trans Olimpians, Ali Forney Fundraiser, Maher HIV Quackery

British School Uniforms Go Gender Neutral – [Warning: autoplay] Students of any gender can choose between a slacks/shirt and skirt/blouse. Gender neutral single stall bathrooms are also available. Surgery No Longer Required for Transgender Olympians – “The International Olympic Committee on Monday updated its guidelines for transgender athletes, saying Olympians do not …


Quickies: Protests in Russia and Italy, LGBT Refugees Attacked, HerStory

“Vietnam Lifts Ban On Same-Sex Marriage” – It’s no longer illegal for same-sex couples to marry, but they are not yet afforded the same legal protections as opposite sex partners. “Nearly 1 Million Italians Rally for Civil Unions” – “Protesters are urging their lawmakers to pass legislation that would recognize civil …

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - JANUARY 16: Tsai Ing-wen (C), waves to supporters at DPP headquarters after her election victory on January 16, 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. Tsai Ing-wen, the chairwoman of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, has won the presidential election to become the Taiwan's first female president.  (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

Quickies: Taiwan’s First Female President, Republican Endorces Equality Act, Rocky Horror Remake Cast Announced

Taiwan Elects First Female President – Tsai Ing-wen is the former opposition party leader, and she supports marriage equality. “Aaron Rodgers Tackles Homophobic and Racist Chants” – The Green Bay quarterback told ESPN, “I don’t agree with any type of racist or homophobic language, any of that type of stuff from …

Aromantic's Love Song
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Queerview Mirror: An Aromantic’s Love Song to the Populace

I don’t read much poetry, but when I do, it is because the title of the book has caught my attention. The short volume of poetry An Aromantic’s Love Song to the Populace by Niko Bouvier caught me by the title because I have a great desire for more love songs …


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  • User Avatarcriticaldragon1177 { Jac, I would say that he must have some kind of emotional reason for rejecting germ theory, however, I have no idea as to what... } – Feb 02, 1:08 PM
  • User AvatarJac { How is someone educated in a 1st world country and not believe in germ theory? How do they then manage to hold onto a talk... } – Feb 02, 3:00 AM
  • User Avatarcriticaldragon1177 { Jac, Bill Maher is an idiot. The guy is a germ theory denier. This doesn't surprise me to say the least. Is Bill Maher really... } – Feb 01, 11:55 PM
  • User AvatarHanoumatoi { OMG, I'm excited for RHPS now. } – Jan 20, 5:56 PM
  • User AvatarHanoumatoi { The whole security theatre is so outraging. If it were effective, then you could understand some of what happens more, but it doesn't. And what... } – Jan 12, 11:23 AM
  • User Avatarcriticaldragon1177 { Jac, Roy Moore and Kim Davis should just give up already. Hopefully we'll get another court order that will finally force Kim Davis to either... } – Jan 11, 12:23 PM

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Health / Medicine

I’m Not Dead! Real Life Just Caught Up with Me

Apart from Jac’s Monday Quickies, things have been pretty quiet here at Queereka for the past few weeks. Apparently there’s this thing called “real life” that sneaks up on you sometimes. At least it has for me. For starters, I’m currently unemployed. I don’t want to get into the details, …



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Queer: What’s In A Word?

Over on the Queereka Facebook page, someone left a couple of comments in response to Benny’s fantastic post about the “born this way” narrative. I think the issue that came up in the comments there is worth exploring in a bit more depth. Image Transcript: Eden Munday: It seems inappropriate …



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That’s Not Skepticism, It’s Ethnocentric Xenophobia

I am a medical anthropologist. As such, I spend much of my time reading about and studying medicine as a sociocultural practice, particularly the ways that culture influences biomedical and public health practices. One of the reasons I went into medical anthropology was that I took a fantastic undergraduate Medical …




Queering Ecology and Greening the Rainbow

I recently attended a panel discussion on why inclusive workplaces are an essential part of environmental sustainability and how to make workplaces inclusive. The material presented was interesting in its own right, but what it really got me thinking about was how infrequently these two movements (queer rights and environmentalism) …