Quickies: 01/11/2012

Hey North Carolina fans of marriage equality, check out Vote Against and this inspiring message from a former elections supervisor in Harnett Co. who resigned her position so she could campaign against the anti amendment up for referendum in May.

Can anybody think of a toy less needful of a sexy-pastels makeover than Legos?

HuffPo has a great interview with Chris Crocker with some interesting bits on trans issues and drag, as well as leaving Britney alone.

Dear Pope HJ: shut up, the grown-ups are talking.

I will admit to having had a soft spot for Gary Johnson in the past, despite knowing that he has kind of a tendency to choke on his own feet. I think I’m past that now. (Do not, I repeat, do not read the comments.)

From TransFix: Stuff Cis People Say To Trans People

Featured Image from Vote Against.

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Rachel is a queer lady from Texas who currently resides in southeastern Wisconsin. She studied history at Texas A&M University and has spent more time than she cares to admit arguing social justice with junior Republicans. She volunteers with Planned Parenthood and enjoys knitting, media criticism, and comic book slash fiction.


  1. January 23, 2012 at 9:26 pm —

    Obama has definitely been less than courageous in his support of LGBT rights: the only real legislative effort he made is the DADT repeal (but the military still discriminates against trans people!), with clear majorities in favor in both Congress and public opinion polls. On most every other major LGBT rights issue, he’s made at best symbolic gestures, and not even that on marriage. I think that Gary Johnson’s speculation as to why is quite plausible. My respect for, and possible vote for, Johnson remains quite intact.

    • January 23, 2012 at 9:48 pm —

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to vote for him. But it’s more a “well, he’d almost certainly piss me off less than Obama does, and he is neither Mittens nor Grinch” vote rather than a “damn, I like that dude’s moxie!” vote. And as to the truth of the sentiment, I’m pretty fucking sure that white evangelical Christians hate queers just as much as their black counterparts. Saying that color has anything to do it is not only racist as fuck, it obfuscates who the real enemy is.

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