Quickies: 3/30/12

A Reuters reporter catches Santorum telling a young male attendee at a bowling event not to use the "pink balls." Hilarity ensues.

War on Reproductive Rights: An Oklahoma court strikes down a law requiring women recieving an abortion to view the ultrasound, finding it unconsitutional. In worse news, 1 in 5 pharmacies give out incorrect information to  teenage women who call to ask about the morning after pill. The pharmacists also gave incorrect information to physicians who called in to ask. 

NOM (the National Organization for Marriage) is not having a good week. First the leaked memos, then Starbucks reports that their boycott backfired. One Million Moms (a subsidiary of the AFA) seems to be having the same problem…despite their protest, the Archie comic featuring the marriage of a gay character sells out.

An analysis by a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill finds that conservatives trust science far less than they did in 1974. He blames politicization. 

Image via NPR. 

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