Quickies: 04/11/2012

Here is a toy catalog from Sweden that features Spiderman pushing a pram. It is extremely tempting to make this into another “Your argument is invalid” meme. (And the spokesperson for the company that put out the catalog is now my third honorary grandparent.)

BYU administrators lack self-awareness, film at 11.

Good news: Miss Universe pageant to allow transgender contestants as a matter of policy. Still not sold on the idea of pageants as a battleground for gender justice, though.

Remember that asinine new FOR THE CHILDREN law in St. Petersburg that forbids talking about gayness? Well, they weren’t kidding.

On the plus side, the EU is telling membership prospects to shape up on queer rights.

On the unsurprising side, Tennessee has (further) lost its damn mind.

Featured image from the St. Petersburg Times.

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Rachel is a queer lady from Texas who currently resides in southeastern Wisconsin. She studied history at Texas A&M University and has spent more time than she cares to admit arguing social justice with junior Republicans. She volunteers with Planned Parenthood and enjoys knitting, media criticism, and comic book slash fiction.


  1. April 11, 2012 at 4:15 pm —

    *sigh*  The level of stupid happening in the TN legislature rivals the stupidity in my home state's (WI) government.

  2. April 12, 2012 at 2:10 pm —

    This is such fucking bullshit. You would never see Spiderman doing that!!! Spiderman WEARS SOCKS. WHERE ARE SPIDERMAN'S SOCKS???

    So fucking stupid that this PC-obsessed-sock-hating society has ruined my childhood…


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