QUICKIES 09/10/2012

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. As members of the queer community, suicide is an especially salient issue. Help raise awareness of the resources out there for those whose pain has temporarily overcome their ability to cope, and help fight the stigma against asking for help.

Four Malaysian transwomen are challenging Islamic laws that forbid them from “dressing or behaving as women.”*

“…[M]ale culture is parasitical, feeding on the emotional strength of women without reciprocity.”
Remembering Shulamith Firestone.

Heavy stuff. So, look at this morbidly obese, adorable Dachsund.

*This is why I can’t understand the hostility to the idea of Atheism Plus. Of course atheism entails LGBT issues and feminism. Being an atheist means rejecting the idea that any rule should be followed because a god commanded it. It necessarily entails the right to be free of religious dogma governing gender and sexuality! It wouldn’t be enough for Islam to reform and accept trans* people, absent a broader, fundamental right of the individual to reject the teachings of Islam.

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