QUICKIES 09/24/2012

Sex Fugu: Who knew pufferfish were so artistic?

Have we found Tan Mom’s alter ego?

Speaking of the Romneys, their Marie Antoinette quotes sound so much more believable when paired with images of Lucille from Arrested Development

What do you get when you cross a priest, a bunch of teenagers, and a can of whipped cream? Oh, just the worst party game ever.

New Mexico tried to make proof of “forcible rape” a requirement to get state childcare assistance. Generally, mothers are required to first seek support from the child’s with certain exceptions, “the child’s father was my rapist” being one of them. Apparently, their theory was that if the rapist could afford a roofie, he could afford a babysitter. Or, something. Rage splutter despair…

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  1. September 24, 2012 at 2:05 pm —

    I could bring myself to finish reading the priest/whipped cream story. I felt like a creeper with those pics on my work computer.

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