AI: The Delight of Learning

AI: The Delight of Learning

You know that moment when you learn something new, or a new concept clicks into place and you really understand it? I LOVE that moment. It’s simply delightful to me when I learn and understand something new like that.

When was the last time you were delighted by new knowledge? What did you learn?

Benny Vimes is a queer polyamorous transman, curious skeptic, and enthusiastic seeker of knowledge. He's an undergraduate student in his 30's and loves teaching people about alternative sexuality and gender issues.


  1. Last night.

    I was reading this fantastic article by David Valentine called “Sue E. Generis: Toward a Theory of Non-Transexuality” published in the Spring 2012 issue of Feminist Studies. Valentine problematizes the notion of “choice” in SRS as something that naturalizes non-transexuality because to not undergo SRS is assumed natural/normal and not a “choice” that people make. It’s a fascinating and thought-provoking article, and I was certainly delighted as I read it and learned about a radically different way to think about bodies and gender.

  2. a couple weeks ago, when i could make an acceptable phonetic transcription all by myself

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