QUICKIES 11/19/2012

QUICKIES 11/19/2012

Anti-gay, “pro-family” lawyer Lisa Biron has been arrested after producing child pornography by filming one of the apparently “several” teenagers she molested.

San Francisco becomes the first city to cover sex reassignment surgery for all uninsured transgender residents!

I’ve had the same thought: The Walking Dead has become a white patriarchy.

Abortion access is an economic issue: Women who are denied access to abortion are 2-3 times more likely to be under the poverty line a year later. Other interesting (read: obvious) findings were:

We find physical health complications are more common and severe following birth (38% experience limited activity, average 10 days) compared to abortion (24% limited activity, average 2.7 days). There were no severe complications after abortion; after birth complications included seizure, fractured pelvis, infection and hemorrhage. We find no differences in chronic health conditions at 1 week or one year after seeking abortion.

Featured image is a screencapture of The Walking Dead, taken from the Slate article.

In Real Life (tm) I'm a graduate student studying communication disorders. Someday, I may even have a job. Until then, I spend my days trolling as an official member of the Sanctimonious Women's Studies Set and as one of those Internet Atheists your mother warned you about. Oh, and I'm transmasculine, which is a short way of saying health issues preclude transitioning but I would if I could. I spend far too much time correcting the wrong people on the internet.


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