QUICKIES 11/26/2012

QUICKIES 11/26/2012

Depressing: a judge in Maine ruled in favor of a school district after school officials prohibited a young transgirl from using the girls’ restroom. I’m incredulous that the judge found that singling out a particular girl and denying her the right to use the same restroom as other girls “…did not itself harass [the girl] by its actions, and it was not deliberately indifferent to the harassment that [she] experienced from others…”

Ob/Gyns call for over-the-counter birth control.

Ireland may relax its draconian forced-birth laws in the wake of the horrific and avoidable death of Savita Halappanavar.

I can’t stop watching this fancy cat. “Walking dinners, but I don’t care for the cold.”

In Real Life (tm) I'm a graduate student studying communication disorders. Someday, I may even have a job. Until then, I spend my days trolling as an official member of the Sanctimonious Women's Studies Set and as one of those Internet Atheists your mother warned you about. Oh, and I'm transmasculine, which is a short way of saying health issues preclude transitioning but I would if I could. I spend far too much time correcting the wrong people on the internet.

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  1. I love that the commercial features a gay couple (presumably anyway) without being obnoxious about it. It makes me happy that I live in a time when an insulation company can make a commercial that includes a gay couple (or guys who can be mistaken for one) without it being the major focus of the commercial or a big deal to pretty much anyone.

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