QUICKIES 12/17/2012

Fit and Feminist, the best blog you’ve never heard of, has a post up about Planet Fitness’ ad campaign pitting muscular and/or transwomen against the normals.

A transwoman in Texas fights back against some serious professorial ignorance and ugliness in a community college classroom.

Twelve facts about guns and mass-shootings in the United States.

The heroic women of Sandy Hook Elementary

Featured image is of Kaitlin Roig, who “refused to even unlock the bathroom door for police. ‘I didn’t believe them,’ she said to ABC News, holding back tears. ‘I told them if they were cops, they could get the key. They did and then [they] unlocked the bathroom.'”

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Yessenia is a graduate student studying to be a speech therapist with an emphasis on traumatic brain injuries. She spends far too much time correcting the wrong people on the internet, lifting heavy things and training her cats. She's a proud internet atheist and trolls only for the greater good.

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