QUICKIES 12/24/2012

QUICKIES 12/24/2012

Check out The December Project, which promises to support trans people this holiday season: ” Here’s our pledge to you: If you feel low this December, and need someone to talk to, contact us, and we’ll call you on the phone. Period.” Awesome.

Surviving the Holidays as a Queer Person of Color: give the gift of media.

Blogger Says Women Should be Forced to Cross State Lines for Abortions Because Decision “Should Be a Tough One”. Oh, but it’s not about punishing women!

Mormon Republican Senator arrested for DUI. Enjoy the Schadenfreude!

In Real Life (tm) I'm a graduate student studying communication disorders. Someday, I may even have a job. Until then, I spend my days trolling as an official member of the Sanctimonious Women's Studies Set and as one of those Internet Atheists your mother warned you about. Oh, and I'm transmasculine, which is a short way of saying health issues preclude transitioning but I would if I could. I spend far too much time correcting the wrong people on the internet.
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