Quickies: 18/01/2013

Quickies: 18/01/2013

Sweden ends the forced sterilisation of people updating their gender identities on legal documentation.

Rosa Parks will become the first African-American woman to have her own statue in Washington D.C.’s Statuary Hall.

The city of Brighton, England publishes a report with recommendations to make the city more trans*-friendly, including the addition of an alternative honorific title – ‘Mx’.

As 2012 saw the percentage of tattooed women exceed that of men in the U.S., check out some amazing pictures of some amazing tattooed women, back when it was a little less cool.

It’s a sad situation when more people seem to care about an imaginary woman than a real one.

Featured image is of Maud Wagner, the first known female tattoo artist in the U.S., from Margot Mifflin’s book ‘Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Woman and Tattoo’.

EDIT: The first article link info has been edited to clarify the circumstances for which sterilisation in Sweden was enforced.

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  1. in the interest of accuracy, Sweden wasn’t previously requiring people to be sterilized prior to receiving gender reassignment surgery, but as a precondition of having their legal gender changed.

  2. You’re right; I’ve edited the post accordingly. Thanks for that!

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