Quickies 01/28/2013

Quickies 01/28/2013

Academic Men Explain Things to Me: The mansplaining tumblr that will make you laugh and cry.*

The influential feminist, socialist sociologist and lesbian activist Mary McIntosh has died of a stroke at age 76. Here is her obituary.

NPR does a story on the Stonewall Riot which erases the centrality of trans women.

How modesty mandates intersect with and impact trans and intersex people seeking medical care.

Featured Image is of Mary McIntosh

In Real Life (tm) I'm a graduate student studying communication disorders. Someday, I may even have a job. Until then, I spend my days trolling as an official member of the Sanctimonious Women's Studies Set and as one of those Internet Atheists your mother warned you about. Oh, and I'm transmasculine, which is a short way of saying health issues preclude transitioning but I would if I could. I spend far too much time correcting the wrong people on the internet.

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  1. I find the NPR story so frustrating. Any time I think of Stonewall, the first person that comes to mind is Sylvia Rivera!

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