Quickies: 8/02/2013

The United Kingdom moves closer toward marriage equality with the House of Commons voting 400-175 in favour. More hoops have to be jumped before it becomes the law but it’s looking promising.

Here’s a great little infographic that tells you about birth control coverage you can access under the US Affordable Care Act.

Five things you can do for US’ National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (which was yesterday, but I’m sure is still relevant!

Men and women are not psychologically distinct. Gasp, say it isn’t so!

And finally, my new favourite tumblr on the wonders/WTFs of evolution. Hilarious and informative, the best combination.

Featured image is of one of the more photogenic guests on WTF, Evolution.



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Bip lives in Sydney, Australia, where she attempts to study how viruses work and hopes someone gives her a PhD for it. Apart from microscopic organisms, she also has a soft spot for animals, humans and robots. Bip was raised Muslim and female but is now skeptical of both.

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