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AI: Unexpected Opportunities

This summer I am doing an internship with a local company. This internship came to me unexpectedly – I knew it was a possibility that I would get it, but it wasn’t until right before it started that I found out I’d gotten it. Getting the job changed my summer plans drastically and I accepted without knowing almost anything about the job. I was just happy to have something to do this summer that was even remotely related to the field I am studying.

The surprise was that this opportunity is far better than I could have hoped for. I’m doing interesting work in a pleasant environment and learning things that can actually apply to my future career. I have, unexpectedly, found myself in a fantastic position. I am going to spend my summer taking as much advantage of it as I can.

Have you ever been surprised to find yourself with a great opportunity? Have you ever liked a new job much more than you expected to? I want to hear your stories of success!

The Afternoon Inqueery (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Queereka community. Look for it every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 3pm ET.

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Benny Vimes

Benny Vimes

Benny Vimes is a queer polyamorous transman, curious skeptic, and enthusiastic seeker of knowledge. He's an undergraduate student in his 30's and loves teaching people about alternative sexuality and gender issues.

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