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Quickies: Marriage Equality fight in Kentucky, St. Patrick’s Day parade, Jared Leto, Maryland Transgender Rights Bill

Kentucky Attorney General says he won’t defend marriage equality ban, governor says he will use outside counsel to try to defend it.

Negotiations continue concerning whether or not to allow LGBT groups to march in St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Many people in trans* community speaking out about Jared Leto’s Oscar win.

Maryland state senate passes transgender rights bill.

Featured image is Jared Leto from The Dallas Buyers Club.

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  1. March 4, 2014 at 5:31 pm —

    I’m predicting marriage equality nationwide by the end of 2015. The Supreme Court will have to weigh in soon (no later than summer 2015), and ultimately if they have to reach a decision on the merits, they won’t be able to find 5 justices to oppose equal rights. I wish I could see a similar wave of support for transgender protections, but that looks at the moment to be about 10 years behind =(

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