Quickies: Trans in Assassin’s Creed, “Straight Acting” in Stonewall, Mr. Smithers Comes Out

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Jac is a bisexual, genderqueer, feminist, godless liberal. They grew up in small town Pennsylvania and spent their adulthood exploring progressively larger and queerer cities. They currently work as an online tutor in the subjects of math, science and writing. When they are not tutoring or carrying out the gay agenda, they enjoy reading, cooking, science documentaries, and long walks on the beach.

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  1. October 1, 2015 at 1:43 pm —

    Stonewall was covered on Daily Kos

    It’s…Like I’ve always said, Hollywood’s not comfortable with any vision of LGBT life that isn’t just like heterosexuality except with matching genitalia, preferably white. Since the actual riots were anything but middle-to-upper-class white cis guys who conveniently act just like heterosexuals except they’re both guys, Hollywood isn’t comfortable with it. Or they think America isn’t. But really Hollywood isn’t and they’re projecting.

    The real tragedy is, as awful as it is, they’ll conclude audiences don’t want to see movies about LGBT history.

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