Quickies: Taiwan Pride, “Real Names” Update, Halloween Ignorance

  • Thousands Marched in Asia’s Biggest Pride: Taipei, Taiwan – “Nearly 80,000 supporters waved flags and placards, including some calling for marriage equality in downtown Taipei.” See link for pictures.
  • Trans Columnist Replies to Germaine Greer – “I’m not trying to compete or be better than anyone, I’m just trying to be true to myself, my own woman. Transitioning is not about wanting to take away from womanhood, but rather about an individual learning to navigate the world in a way that he or she feels comfortable with.”
  • Same-Sex Marriage to Start in Ireland – Same-sex couples will be allowed to marry in Ireland starting November 16th after Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald signs the Marriage Act 2015 into law.
  • Top Twelve Colleges for Queer Women – From LGBT centers to women’s studies programs to trans-inclusive health insurance, She Wired has compiled a list of 12 colleges that offer great learning environments for queer women.
  • Facebook Updates “Real Names” Policy – “The changes to the policy will include allowing users to provide details about why they have chosen to use a particular name on their profile. In addition, those who report people for using a name they believe to be “fake” will be asked to provide additional information.”
  • Man Harassed and Fired for Being Gay, and It’s All Legal – “Neither Missouri nor federal law explicitly bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the court reasoned, so Cook Paper’s employees were free to torment, mock, and fire Pittman for being gay.”
  • Dan Savage Promotes Bill Maher’s Ignorant take on Halloween – Savage and Maher let their white man privilege show when they reject the idea of treating people of other cultures or backgrounds as human beings.

Featured image via Pink News

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