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AI: Harassment Where There Shouldn’t Be Harassment

Last week, there was a Slutwalk in the city where I leave. It was the first one I was able to attend, and came in a week marked by various protests and public manifestations here in Brazil, which made it bigger and better covered by the press. It was beautiful …

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AI: Allies Amongst Us

So this week on French class, we reached that special time on the learning of any language where we’re expected to learn how to talk about families. Our textbook brought up familles recomposées, that is, family outside the father-mother-children standards, which the teacher saw as an opportunity to debate same-sex …


The Weight of an Eating Disorder

If someone asked me one year ago if I knew something was wrong, I’d have said yes. Something has always been wrong, something has always been off, far before the words were officially said, far before the diagnosis was officially handed out to us. Retrospectively, I don’t think there was …

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AI: Unwanted Education

This semester, I’m taking what is probably the worst course I have to take in order to become a biologist: parasitology. First class consisted of an hour and a half of Ascaris lumbricoides, look it up (or, you know, don’t). First month will consist solely of helminthes, which are worm-like …

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AI: Carnaval

So this next week is Carnaval here in Brasil! Since my girlfriend is somewhere in Europe right now, to me this means I get a week off to try to read and study and sleep as much as I never have time to during working weeks, but for most Brazilians …

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AI: Governmental Measures

This week, Brazilian government announced that trans* people will have the right to use their social names – that is, the name they chose and that fits their identity – to present themselves within the Sistema Universal de Saúde/SUS (Universal Healthcare System). The legal names don’t cease to exist, as …

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AI: Mansplaining

A while ago, when my sister was visiting, somehow the subject of how women are treated differently from men in basically any job they end up in arised, and she came up with an example back where she lives, of a company that will not hire women because they may …

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AI: Back to the Routine

Last week, after about one month taking time off, I returned home to resume my day-to-day obligations. Working at the lab, doing field work, taking microbiology classes, seeing the girlfriend, all back to the routine – and I’m already exhausted again. My question to you is very simple, from someone …