[CW,TW] Who is really to blame for Elliot Rodger’s mass murder?

[CW, TW for pretty much everything from misogynist violence, racism, suicide, and every horrible other thing that MRAs on a “troll” site would post] With all the news and speculation surrounding what would compel Elliot Rodger to commit murder, who or what could we POSSIBLY blame? Is it TV? Is …

Cathy Brennan tweeting "#radfem2013 because trans activists and MRAs are the same people"

What weird old trick is an internet hate group using to escape the ire of the SPLC? H*ck if I know.

If you know of any weird old tricks to get the SPLC to actually listen and respond to you please let me know because it’s not working for me and I even gave them money that one time. In the meantime, there’s a weird old trick to getting a bigoted …

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What weird old trick did one local person use to be smarter and more empathetic? The answer will shock you.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local mom in $__*_%%^IP-BASED LOCALE STRING__$%%%%$ has discovered that by avoiding the use of one word they can immediately invoke empathy in both themself and their listener, and improve their communications clarity by upwards of 169%. Click here to learn more about what word you should avoid …

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What two Queer games came out this week that you should be playing?

Did you really think I’d answer that question where you can see it without clicking on the article? I read Huffington Post, I know what’s up. Plus, I’d really Hate it if you didn’t click on this article. I will have Gone Home today to look at my viewership stats …

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Why do straight feminists hate lesbian and trans feminists?

Don’t you want to know the answer? Do you? DO YOU? Well you had better click on this article. It’s very important that you click on this article. Please click on this article. Oh god I’m begging you to click on this article. Have you clicked on this article yet? …

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On August 4th, Come See Scenic #Twitter!

Hello Queereka! Anna here, midly internet-famous Twitter Misandrist and 7th most hated person on Reddit. I am honored to be selected to write articles here and hope that this “blog web” format will be both exciting and enriching for all of us! Since I don’t understand “blog webs” entirely yet, …