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Facebook and real names

Ah Facebook. You were doing so well. You gave us over 50 options to describe our gender, you even let us use more than one! It seemed you were finally learning your lesson, improving yourself, and now it seems you’re back to your old tricks. So for those of you …

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Queereka has been talking a lot about identities and labels as of late, and I’m not going to be any different. We’ll change subjects sometime! Maybe. Possibly. So gender and sexual minorities seem to have a lot of labels attached to them. Of course there are the well known ones …

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Coming Out Stories: A New Woman

Note: This posts contains mature content. Both image links go to websites with adult content. If you’ve glanced at my biography, you’ll notice that I am a trans* woman. To simplify it, when I was born the doctor said I was a boy based off of my genitals. However, as …