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Queer Health: Obamacare and Transgender Health

Apparently I recently lost my abilities to function like an adult and forgot how to read a calendar, and completely missed last Saturday’s scheduled Queer Health post. So, here it is, a little late. And don’t worry, I have since regained my somewhat adult-like mind. Back in July the Department …

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Coming Out Stories: The Reaction of a Conservative Christian Friend

I recently contacted an old friend from college through Facebook. We were very close during our time in school, and I wanted to come out to her in hopes that we would be able to stay in touch, however infrequently. My Alma Mater is a very conservative, Christian college, and …

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An open letter to Lawrence Harmon

Mr. Harmon, I just read your article, “Judge goes too far in sex change ruling” published in The Boston Globe, and I must say I’m quite disturbed by your complete lack of humanity. Not only does your piece read like a second grader’s essay about unicorns, but it’s so full of …

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AI: Coming Out for Education

Yesterday was my first day of classes at my new university. I’m going back to school for a second bachelor’s degree, this time in nursing, and just started taking the pre-requisites to get into the actual nursing program. A friend of mine started on the same path at a school …

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Queer Health: The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Around March of last year I was having some neck and back pain. I sat at work whining and complaining, as I’m wont to do, until my girlfriend suggested seeing an upper cervical chiropractor that she and her family had been seeing for a few years.  I took her recommendation …

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Queer Health: New HIV Preventions

A recent study from the CDC has found that HIV infection among young, urbanite gay men is on the rise. According to the report, researchers gathered data from 1994 to 2008 in 5 different cities across the U.S., showing a rising 16% prevalence of HIV among 23 to 29 year …

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Queer Health: The Number of LGBT Friendly Hospitals is on the Rise

Last time on Queer Health, Will wrote a nice piece describing his research on the realities of LGBTQ issues in the health care field. In a nicely timed coincidence the Human Rights Campaign just released the results of their 2012 Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), which seeks to determine how many …

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Queer Health: Standards of Care

As a transgirl smack-dab in the middle of her transition, I have a vested interest in transgender rights developments around the world. Often times I’m left disappointed, but some news coming out of South America earlier this month has me all aflutter; Argentina has passed a transgender rights law light-years …