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Montely mathematics: Some Algebra(s)

Initially, I would like to congratulate Miller for quickly answering both questions last month. Now, to mathematics. The topic for this month is a hodgepodge of linear algebra, field theory, and universal algebra. I think that the wall of text last time scared some people off. So, I tried to …


Monthly Mathematics: Group theory and Topology

This is an idea that popped into my mind a while back that I’ve really wanted to make a thing. I think the monthly mathematics could be a really useful facility for skeptics to practice critical thinking skills and logic. As a skeptic, I believe critical thinking is a corner …


QUICKIES 2013-02-13

New record for largest prime integer known having 17,425,170 digets! Old news, but I haven’t seen it talked about in the skeptic community. I also would like to satisfy my mathematical side. The Pope resigns… As I’m sure you were all aware. Anecdote that is completely unrelated, I’m part of …

Afternoon Inqueery

AI: Reopening a can of worms

*Trigger warning* Burchill/Moore incident, again… A few articles that cover what happened rather well, in my humble option: Lindey West, Natalie Reed Just as things have calmed down around the Moore/Burchill transphobia mess, I want to reopen that can of worms to take an opportunity to be reflective. Now, I don’t have …

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Thinking like a Mathematician

Warning! Math-related post! Don’t let that scare you off! Math can actually be fun, and will help your reasoning abilities. — As I was wandering around the blogosphere, I stumbled upon an interesting article over at Michellalianna that has nothing to do with what I am going to write about. …

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Labels of Convenience

Why, hello there. I’m Belle, and I am one of the new writers for Queereka. Will should be along at some point to announce the others and introduce us, but I’m not patient enough to wait to post, the reason being this topic has been on my mind for a …