#ProunounsNotPrivateParts: What to Ask (and What Not to Ask) Trans People

[CN: Genitals] I don’t know why, but a lot of cisgender people are fascinated by transgender people’s genitals. It’s as if it never occurred them that genitals do not always equal gender. I understand that cis people want to know more about what it means to be transgender, and I …


Sam Harris’ Epic Transphobic Fail

*UPDATE 12/23/15: It appears there is some confusion about whether or not I’m accusing Sam Harris of being a transphobic bigot. No, I’m not. I’ve never met the guy, so I can’t know “what’s in his heart.” All I’m saying in this article is I don’t like the way he …


Guarding My Mind While Doing Online Activism

[TW: Online harassment, depression, anxiety, suicide] I still identify as a secular humanist, but lately I’m finding little nuggets of truth in Buddhism.  A few months ago, someone viciously attacked me online, and it triggered my anxiety and depression so bad that I wanted to kill myself. Then one morning …

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I’m Not Dead! Real Life Just Caught Up with Me

Apart from Jac’s Monday Quickies, things have been pretty quiet here at Queereka for the past few weeks. Apparently there’s this thing called “real life” that sneaks up on you sometimes. At least it has for me. For starters, I’m currently unemployed. I don’t want to get into the details, …


Why “I’m Okay With It As Long As I Don’t Have To See It” Is Still Bigotry

[CN: Homophobia, Slurs, Violence] This morning in his Washington Post column, Steven Petrow writes about a same-sex couple who was recently kicked out of a bar for kissing. According to reports, after Andrew Deras gave his partner Dustin Baker a “very minor” kiss on the lips in a bar, the …


FYI, Freddie Mercury Was Bi: Why Bisexual Awareness Week Matters

[TW: Bisexual Erasure, Biphobia, Suicide]   In the aftermath of Kim Davis, there’s a new meme spreading around social media highlighting people who did their jobs regardless of their personal beliefs. Examples include Agent Scully, Ron Swanson, and Winston from “Ghostbusters.” Unfortunately, this meme isn’t without its problem. Specifically, there is …


Can a Humanist Partner with Religious People for Activism?

A month ago, I posted an article here on Queereka about why I think humanism is a much better option for LGBTQ people than religion. As a follow-up, I just want to let everyone know that, even though I’m strongly against religious dogma, I don’t hate religious people. It seems …


Bisexual vs. Pansexual: What’s the Difference?

This is an updated version of something I wrote on my personal blog last year. There’s a huge debate online about the differences between bisexuality and pansexuality. Some who are just discovering their non-monosexuality aren’t sure how to identify, and there are a lot of misconceptions about what bisexuality actually …