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Why I’m Marching (and Organizing) for Science

What am I marching for? I’m marching for a childhood that knew the scent of milkweed and the feeling of caterpillars crawling on my hands. I’m marching for the silent moment when a chrysalis turns from green to black-and-orange. I’m marching for a world where you can hear the flutter …


Guarding My Mind While Doing Online Activism

[TW: Online harassment, depression, anxiety, suicide] I still identify as a secular humanist, but lately I’m finding little nuggets of truth in Buddhism.  A few months ago, someone viciously attacked me online, and it triggered my anxiety and depression so bad that I wanted to kill myself. Then one morning …


Can a Humanist Partner with Religious People for Activism?

A month ago, I posted an article here on Queereka about why I think humanism is a much better option for LGBTQ people than religion. As a follow-up, I just want to let everyone know that, even though I’m strongly against religious dogma, I don’t hate religious people. It seems …

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Prison Beyond OITNB

CN: drugs, gang violence, prison abuse, PTSD Hey all. I hope you’re enjoying the Orange Is The New Black recaps we’ve been posting for the past couple of weeks. As you can tell, a lot of us here at Queereka have been binge watching the show. Maybe you have too. …

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Dear bisexuals, pansexuals, and fellow fluid queermos, You know I love you. I love you all so much, but it’s time for that love to get tough. We need to talk about the bisexual agenda. Lately, we’ve been letting our brothers and sisters at the gay agenda outshine us, to …


Are Atheists The Most Hated Group In America? Well . . .

[CN: TRANSPHOBIA, HOMOPHOBIA, VIOLENCE] On Tuesday night, CNN did a special on atheism in America. I didn’t watch it because I had a feeling CNN wasn’t going to get it right. Whenever the mainstream media talks about atheism, it usually portrays us as little Richard Dawkins clones running around telling religious …


Is It My Job To Educate Cis Straight People?

(The following post is an updated version of one of my old blog posts.) A few months ago, Miri Mogilevsky wrote a common occurrence that happens in the Social Justice Blogsophere: Person A is writing about or discussing Social Justice Things online. Person B comes across Person A’s writing or …

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Like a Horse and Carriage

Last week, American Atheists’ Jamila Bey spoke at the yearly meeting of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee. To give you some idea of CPAC’s tenor, this year’s highlights include: Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, said that “I believe Jesus came down from Heaven in flesh 2000 and 15-years …