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The Dangers of Hero Worship and Demonization.

Most people have their heroes, people they look up to and admire. People they seek to emulate and be more like. We see it every day in our society, look up to this person or look up to that person our media is flooded with heroes for us to worship, …

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Fake allies

Typically when you hear someone like me talk about fake allies you might assume I mean someone who claims to be an ally to a specific cause but does not actually believe in said cause. If you assumed that this time you would be wrong.   This time i’m talking …

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Myths about sex workers

Warning, this article may challenge long held ideas about sex work and sex workers causing cognitive dissonance and strong emotional reactions. If your worldview is reliant on these misconceptions this may cause psychological distress.   Disclaimer; This is by no means a comprehensive list of all myths about sex work or sex …


Fuck That Comic

This comic has been turning up on my Facebook page lately, generally by well meaning straight people. I’ve seen it about a half dozen times already. Each time I get a little more angry. Why does this comic piss me off? It’s a celebration of marriage equality, right? Well, there …

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Follow-Up: Boycotting Russia

[TW: Homophobia, violence] I recently wrote a post explaining why I am boycotting the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In it, I expressed my outrage with the new Russian law passed back in June that effectively bans queer people from public life and has ushered in a new era of public violence towards queer people in …