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AI: Identity versus Perception

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the interaction between a person’s identity and the way other people perceive them. I identify as a quiet person, but not everyone who knows me sees me the same way.  Ultimately, the reality is more complicated than either quiet or not quiet.  …

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AI: What Now? What Next?

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I could help further the cause of LGBTQIA/queer rights and equality, spurred mostly by the state of those rights in my home state, Montana, and some disappointing developments on the non-discrimination ordinance front. Montana is not one of the 19 states in which same-sex …

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AI: Navigating the Non-binary, or: Thar Be Truscum

Recently on Tumblr there was an uproar about a blogger who had created the term, “circumgender”. The creator explained that while she was assigned-female-at-birth, she should have been born assigned-male-at-birth so she could be a trans woman.     This led to an outcry from many bloggers, particularly transwomen, who …

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AI: Thanks a lot, Woody Allen

It will surprise precisely no one that I caught an opening night show of Captain America 2: The Winter Solder (which I loved a whole hell of a lot), but one thing in particular has stuck with me these past couple days: the relationship between Steve and Natasha. I don’t …

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AI: Oh no you didn’t

A couple of weeks ago, I was out for drinks with a couple of my (straight, cis dude) friends in Andersonville, which is Chicago’s lesbian hamlet. I hadn’t seen one of them in a while, so I was filling him in on my love life, which currently exists in the …

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AI: (Kind of) New and (Hopefully) Improved!

Regular readers may have noticed a pretty marked drought hereabouts lately–nostra maxima culpa, and we’re working on shaking things up a little bit so we can get some new stuff in the pipeline. To that end: What are some things you’d like to see from Queereka in the future? Are …

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AI: Queer-Friendly

There’s a large differential in how comfortable the various places I spend time in are for me as a queer-identified person – ranging from high visibility and acceptance of gender- and sexuality-related variance and issues (most of my online spaces) to rather chilly (my hometown), and all sorts of things …

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AI: 2013 Internet Awesome

I’ll spare you the obvious question about New Year Resolutions and go for something more like a crowd-sourced Quickies post, instead.  If you’re anything like me, you have absurd numbers of saved/bookmarked links floating around that get added to on a regular basis. My contribution:  A nifty article about net-speak …