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The Dose Makes the Poison

Most of you reading this blog are probably against anti-science, anti-intellectual bullshit from the right wing/Republicans; they don’t) (generally) believe in evolution, or the big bang, or stem cell research. There is, however, a complementary strain of bullshit-enthusiasm coming from the left, and we need to be just as skeptical. …

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AI: The Harms of Natural Medicine

This holiday season, a 14-year-old cousin of mine had to have an emergency appendectomy and spent New Year’s eve hospitalized. She had the surgery on Dec. 29th, but she’d been showing symptoms (unbearable pain that refrained her from even walking and inability to keep anything in her stomach among them) …

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That’s not what that means: Relative risk factors

I spend about 18-23 hours a day on facebook, correcting all of the wrong things my friends say.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Yesterday, I noticed this show up in my feed: The accompanying text read:  One can of diet soda each day can increase …

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Queer Health: The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Around March of last year I was having some neck and back pain. I sat at work whining and complaining, as I’m wont to do, until my girlfriend suggested seeing an upper cervical chiropractor that she and her family had been seeing for a few years.  I took her recommendation …

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QUICKIES 05/28/2012

Stop what you’re doing and watch Anderson Cooper interview a faithful sheep, Stacy Pritchard, from Charles Worley’s church. Worley is the reverend caught on tape last week proposing that all us queers be rounded up and put behind a 150 mile-long electrified fence. A poll from the Washington Post has …