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Queerview Mirror: An Aromantic’s Love Song to the Populace

I don’t read much poetry, but when I do, it is because the title of the book has caught my attention. The short volume of poetry An Aromantic’s Love Song to the Populace by Niko Bouvier caught me by the title because I have a great desire for more love songs …

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#GiveItBack – Why A-spectrum and Agender Erasure Matters

Recently GLAAD, a media force that seeks to provoke dialogue and promote LGBT equality, posted about a campaign called “Got Your Back,” a pledge to “Be an Ally. Build Acceptance.” I’m sure most people would look at this and think it’s fine. I mean, who doesn’t want support or to …

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Nude Art in an Asexual World

On and off over the last month, I have found myself arguing in my head that the history of art would still be full of nudes if all people were asexual. It isn’t something I ever expected myself to have an opinion on, much less not be able to stop …

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The Queerview Mirror: Understanding Asexuality

What better way to celebrate Asexual Awareness Week (this year October 26 through November 1) than reading and reviewing a book titled Understanding Asexuality?! Right? Well… Actually, the title of Anthony F. Bogaert’s 2012 book, Understanding Asexuality, is a bit of a misnomer. A better title might be Trying to …

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The Romance Myth

I recently participated in a survey on asexuality that is currently being conducted by AVEN, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network. It is open to all people, whether or not they identify on the asexual spectrum. It is a short survey, taking about ten minutes to complete, and I would …


Pride: Celebration and Commitment

A week ago today I attended my first Pride celebration. Montana Pride was not designed for non-drinking, asexual introverts. I’m mostly okay with that, mostly being the operative word. Most things aren’t designed with people like me in mind. I go, do my own thing, have fun on my own …

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The Queerview Mirror: The Heart of Aces

Here’s the thing: as an asexual who reads romances I am very happy that this slim volume of short stories called The Heart of Aces exists.  I first heard about it when it was in the idea stage and I came across a solicitation for story submissions.  I was excited …

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Coming Out Stories: Holding Hands with the Nonperson I’m Not Dating

Who among us doesn’t have a complicated relationship with the idea and the act of coming out?  Though the term ‘coming out,’ particularly when associated with the idea of ‘the closet,’ makes it sound like a one-time thing, coming out is really a never ending process.  We stop coming out …