Is It My Job To Educate Cis Straight People?

(The following post is an updated version of one of my old blog posts.) A few months ago, Miri Mogilevsky wrote a common occurrence that happens in the Social Justice Blogsophere: Person A is writing about or discussing Social Justice Things online. Person B comes across Person A’s writing or …

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One Weird Trick to Get Hired in Academia

“Be careful. American science is elitist.” A visiting scientist said to a group of graduate students and I at an informal lunch, “The only way I got the career I had was because I was lucky enough to have a post-doctoral position at Yale in a new field.” A while …


Constraints and Conversations

What does it mean to have an advantage? Let me tell you. What advantage allows is a lack of constraint. And because it is a lack, an absence, it is hard to imagine that others might be constrained in ways you are not. For example, when reading a friend’s piece …

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Wild Reservoir of Ebola Larger Than Previously Thought

Scientists have mapped the range of the Ebola virus in the wild. The range is greater than previously estimated with nearly 22 million individuals at risk for exposure to infected animals. The Oxford-led research team mined the scientific literature for every reported case of Ebola virus since the disease was …


An Unfortunate Phrase

“I don’t agree with being gay but…” If you are queer in this world, or even if you’re straight, you’ve probably heard this unfortunate phrase, or some permutation of it. “I don’t agree with being gay but…” Usually by the time they get to the “but” part I’m so angry …

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Where are all the LGBT scientists at?

I’m in the ongoing process of being out in a couple of life aspects, being gay and atheistic, (gaytheistic?) which involves a bunch of references to my boyfriend in casual conversation and honest but non-confrontational answers to questions like “So where do you go to church”. I try to be the best …

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Retort and Riposte: More Grad School Stuff

So for those of you who missed the earlier exchange Dan and I have been having a bit of a back-and-forth RE: the state of graduate education. I broke the topic with an article on the Duke Collective, a group of students who had resorted to wage sharing to help …


Math, I Will Conquer You Yet

This may be a story about my tenacity and determination. It may be a story about my inability to see reason and quit an unwinnable war. It is a somewhat long story, but far less long for you than it has been for me. I hope you will bear with …