Scenes From A Genderqueer Life

[CN: Dysphoria] It’s Sunday morning, and I’m picking out my outfit for the day. I pull out a deep v-neck women’s t-shirt and a pair of women’s capris. I check to see if my exposed legs are still smooth, even though it’s been a few days since I last Naired …

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Prison Beyond OITNB

CN: drugs, gang violence, prison abuse, PTSD Hey all. I hope you’re enjoying the Orange Is The New Black recaps we’ve been posting for the past couple of weeks. As you can tell, a lot of us here at Queereka have been binge watching the show. Maybe you have too. …

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Orange is the New Black: Episodes 3 and 4 *SPOILERS*

First off: Spoilers. Lots of spoilers. If you don’t like it, skip on past. ALSO, please be aware of the content of the show. There are a multitude of triggering scenes. Ill be avoiding very graphic descriptions here though. Finally, If you haven’t read 1 and 2 yet, you should. Laura did an …

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10 Ways Same Sex Marriage is Literally Destroying Society

Hello friends! As you’re probably aware, last week the Republic of Ireland legalised same-sex marriage, and also made history by being the first country ever to do so via a national referendum. Whilst this is great news for many of us, I think it’s very important for us to remember that …

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Irish Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

The Irish are going to the polls today to vote on a referendum on whether to legalize same-sex marriage in Ireland. The referendum has been hotly debated for months. So far, the turnout is even hire than expected. From the Irish Times, Ireland is the first country to vote on …

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The Life and Times of an Aspiring Saint

Hi and welcome to The B, the new biweekly Friday column made by and for bisexuals, pansexuals, the sexually fluid, queer, and anyone else who is attracted to people of more than one gender. I slid out of my mother’s womb filled with the unshakeable belief that I had arrived …

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My Gender Is Orange: Coming Out As–And Explaining–Genderqueer

[CN: Bullying, Gender Dysphoria] Whenever I tell someone I’m genderqueer, the first thing people usually ask is, “What’s that?” Most people understand the L and G of LGBTQIAA, but when it comes to the other letters, they are usually clueless. Two years before coming out as genderqueer, I already confused …

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Sorting Out the Confusion: A Bisexual Q&A

Last week almost eight hundred of you fabulous fluid queermos voted on the bisexual agenda . As a group of people who are notoriously confused, many of you took the opportunity to air your questions about life, the universe, and everything. Here are your answers. For the multiple people that had questions …