Planned Parenthood

Just about every day I leave my house, I see the Planned Parenthood I live next to under siege by anti-choice protestors. These people bring with them a helluva lot of judgmental attitudes towards the men and women seeking care at the clinic, and a heaping side helping of misinformation …


I don’t watch rape media

Trigger Warnings: References to rape in the media. I don’t watch TV or movies with rape in it. Period. End of story. That means I am very often disappointed. I really wanted to like the TV show Vikings, but after the first couple of episodes, with the casual depiction of …

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Why I can’t stand neo-segregationists

As is my wont, I was hovering spectrally in the internet’s howling dark when my friend sent me a message with a link to this trainwreck on, along with the demand that I “tell her why this article rubs her the wrong way.” With gusto! The article is titled, …

Cathy Brennan tweeting "#radfem2013 because trans activists and MRAs are the same people"

What weird old trick is an internet hate group using to escape the ire of the SPLC? H*ck if I know.

If you know of any weird old tricks to get the SPLC to actually listen and respond to you please let me know because it’s not working for me and I even gave them money that one time. In the meantime, there’s a weird old trick to getting a bigoted …

two bepotbellied males pressing their stomach against a wire fence to simulate having six pack abs

What weird old trick did one local person use to be smarter and more empathetic? The answer will shock you.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local mom in $__*_%%^IP-BASED LOCALE STRING__$%%%%$ has discovered that by avoiding the use of one word they can immediately invoke empathy in both themself and their listener, and improve their communications clarity by upwards of 169%. Click here to learn more about what word you should avoid …


Gendered Shopping

You’ll have to bear with me, as my fascination lately is the stark differences between male and female experiences. Although I wore men’s clothing, and behaved like a very masculine human being before I started to transition, it didn’t prepare me for some of the very stark differences in how …


But it’s Just a Compliment

Recently, I got in an disagreement with a man about the state of street harassment that women face. He professed that it’s all just flirtatious compliments that women were just too sensitive to understand. A lot of the women he was arguing with kept trying to explain male gaze, rape …

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Queereka Podcast Episode 3

The second episode is up! You can listen to the episode here. You can also find us on iTunes or use the RSS feed here: In this episode you will hear me and Cheyenne (a former Queereka writer) discuss sex work and sex worker rights. Cheyenne’s other work includes …