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The L Word Is Inside Us All

The very first person I ever met who told me they were a lesbian was a cast member of The Real L Word. We met in line for the bathroom at a vegan restaurant in San Francisco in January 2011. I was a senior and on a field trip with …

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What It’s like to Go to A Night Club in SF The Night After Marriage Equality Passes (And Ruby Rose Is DJing)

You will realize that Ruby Rose is just as drop dead gorgeous in real life After careful observation you conclude that it was her cheekbones that cut heternormativity in half. Also she’s unexpectedly tiny. You could probably pick her up and spin her around dramatically while making out without ever …

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Orange is the New Black Episodes 7 & 8 SPOILERS

Orange is The New Black Moments  Ranked According To A Highly Scientific Analysis 13. Daya’s pregnancy drama. The best thing about this plotline is that dishwater Bennet is gone. There are many reasons to daily give thanks to the altar of Shonda Rhimes, taking Matt McGory away from OITNB is …

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Orange is the New Black: Episodes 5 and 6 *SPOILERS*

Hello folks! I hope you enjoy my debut post on Queereka, and that you’ll check out the prior season 3 reviews of Orange is the New Black here and here. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Episode 5, “Fake it Til You Fake it Some More,” continued the …

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Orange is the New Black: Episodes 3 and 4 *SPOILERS*

First off: Spoilers. Lots of spoilers. If you don’t like it, skip on past. ALSO, please be aware of the content of the show. There are a multitude of triggering scenes. Ill be avoiding very graphic descriptions here though. Finally, If you haven’t read 1 and 2 yet, you should. Laura did an …

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Orange is the New Black: Episodes 1 and 2 *SPOILERS*

Finally! After a year of waiting Orange is the New Black has returned! Queereka is going to do something special for season 3! Each day for the next week a writer will post a review for two episodes. Now be warned spoilers are sure to occur, so watch out! Before …

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Mad Max: Fury Road – A Wild Ride of Empowerment

(There will be spoilers in here but there is an all caps and bolded warning before the spoilers start) Finally an action movie I can recommend without saying “It’s great! But….it’s sexist or there’s a really violent assault scene or there’s a lot of heterosexual sex or there are no …

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10 Ways Same Sex Marriage is Literally Destroying Society

Hello friends! As you’re probably aware, last week the Republic of Ireland legalised same-sex marriage, and also made history by being the first country ever to do so via a national referendum. Whilst this is great news for many of us, I think it’s very important for us to remember that …