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The Queerview Mirror: Coming Out to Play

There is no denying that Robbie Rogers, along with Jason Collins and Michael Sam, has changed the world of major league sports in the United States. In May of 2013, Rogers became the first openly gay athlete to play for a team in one of the five major US pro …

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The Queeriew Mirror: The Perfect Wedding

Spoiler Alert: This review contains spoilers for the 2012 movie The Perfect Wedding, not that the movie isn’t predictable enough that you couldn’t have guessed what might happen anyway. I have a fairly high tolerance of and appreciation for cheesiness in general, and specifically in movies. I am also not …

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Still Waiting After All These Years: FDA and Gay Blood Donation

Update (December 30, 2014): The FDA recently announced that it would relax the lifetime ban on blood donation for men who have sex with men. Instead of banning all men who have had sex with men after 1976 for life the new rule permits gay men who have been celibate …

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Raise a Glass

When I came out it was far from triumphant. The awkwardness of the affair, the strange, muted reaction of the family and the sudden shift in the way a large portion of my friends perceived me shifted things to the negative. Within a month girl friends of mine tried to …

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Gay Wizards: Role Playing Games and LGBT Inclusivity

Wizards of the Coast quietly made a stir recently with the release of the new Basic Rules for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Nestled on page 33 is a section about determining the sex/gender of a character that makes the inclusion of LGBT characters explicit. “You can play …

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Coming Out Stories: The Long Ride Home

“So Vince, what did you want to talk about?” Anthony was in the front seat while mom pulled onto the highway home. I froze. In the darkness of the back of the car, I wanted to disappear. I envied the crumbs of Os, ground into the fibers of little sister’s …


The Problem of LGBTQ Youth Homelessness does not Start or End with Daniel Pierce

By now, most of you will have already seen the viral video “How not to react when your child tells you that he’s gay.” The young man is 20 year old Daniel Pierce of Kennesaw, GA. In the video, Daniel’s family claim that his homosexuality is a choice, a choice that …

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Responses to Your Search Terms – Gay Men Edition!

CN: Sex and sexuality, anal sex, toxic masculinity. Captain Awkward does this cool thing where she occasionally writes posts in which she responds to questions that people have typed into Google that lead them to her blog. I think this is brilliant, so I am going to do the same. …