Jared Leto from The Dallas Buyers Club
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Quickies: Marriage Equality fight in Kentucky, St. Patrick’s Day parade, Jared Leto, Maryland Transgender Rights Bill

Kentucky Attorney General says he won’t defend marriage equality ban, governor says he will use outside counsel to try to defend it. Negotiations continue concerning whether or not to allow LGBT groups to march in St. Patrick’s Day parade. Many people in trans* community speaking out about Jared Leto’s Oscar …


Accidentally Gay

There are a couple of great articles that discuss bisexuality and pansexuality here on Queereka, and on Skepchick. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point to them first, before forging ahead with my own discussion on the topic. There is an amazing article on pansexuality by Heina Dadabhoy, and an amazing …


But it’s Just a Compliment

Recently, I got in an disagreement with a man about the state of street harassment that women face. He professed that it’s all just flirtatious compliments that women were just too sensitive to understand. A lot of the women he was arguing with kept trying to explain male gaze, rape …


“She Requested a Person of Color”

As an LGBT peer mentor in a university setting, I had to commit to a full semester of trainings to prepare me to help a handful of incoming LGBT-identified freshfolks through their transition into college life. Every Friday, I would spend 2.5 hours in workshops focusing on everything from self-care, …

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Why do straight feminists hate lesbian and trans feminists?

Don’t you want to know the answer? Do you? DO YOU? Well you had better click on this article. It’s very important that you click on this article. Please click on this article. Oh god I’m begging you to click on this article. Have you clicked on this article yet? …

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Why I am Boycotting the 2014 Winter Olympics

[TW: Homophobia, violence, rape]  I’m not a particularly big fan of most sports. It’s not so much that I dislike them as that I’m indifferent to them. I live in San Antonio, Texas, and Spurs fever is pretty big around here. People are always perplexed when I have no idea that there …


Persecution Should Empathize With Other Persecution

A couple of weeks ago, Bob Chipman had an excellent video on The Escapist about the rise of geek culture and how its journey into the mainstream has increased a very specific set of negative traits that always existed but are often mythologized away. It was always an open secret, …

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Supreme Court Ruling

Although you have probably read about it elsewhere, today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on cases regarding Proposition 8 in California and the Defense of Marriage Act. They found that the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, which means that the federal rights of marriage (filing taxes together, …