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Queer Health: The Number of LGBT Friendly Hospitals is on the Rise

Last time on Queer Health, Will wrote a nice piece describing his research on the realities of LGBTQ issues in the health care field. In a nicely timed coincidence the Human Rights Campaign just released the results of their 2012 Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), which seeks to determine how many …

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Sunday School: An Open Letter to Josh Weed

Dear Josh Weed: I read your recent post about…well, I read your recent post, and have come to the conclusion that you’re kind of a douchebag. Step into an analogy with me. All will become clear.


Alan Turing: computing pioneer, codebreaker, gay icon

Today, the 23rd of May, marks exactly one month until the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth. Events have been going on, and will continue to go on, through the whole of this year to celebrate the milestone. You may have seen that next month’s Skepchick Book Club book will be …


Internalized Homophobia Turned Outward

What the queer community has suspected for basically forever is true: One of the driving factors causing homophobic opinions and behaviors is one's OWN same-sex desires. A new paper from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that homophobic college students are more likely than other heterosexual-identified students to …


Quickies: 3-26-2012

One more way that human perception is flawed: Carrying a gun makes you more likely to believe an object held by someone else is also a gun. Another school district is blocking access to pro-gay sites, allowing access to anti-gay and ex-gay groups, and still letting a ton of porn …

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AI: Bitch, Please?

This week, an Australian tea company launched a line of gay-themed teas to benefit LGBT health charities. But with names like Fag Hag and Bitch Please, some of us are wondering whether this hurts the cause more than it helps. It’s great to help charities, and especially health charities. But …

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Queer Health: Healthcare Providers and You

This piece wouldn’t be complete without the hard work that Natalie Reed has done, both from a research standpoint and from graciously sharing her experience and wisdom in navigating the medical system herself. I’ve taken a lot of what she said and woven throughout my original piece. However, any mistakes …


13 Myths and Misconceptions About Gay Men

There are lots of stereotypes about queer people. This post is going to explore some of the stereotypes concerning gay men. Many of the items in the list are not bad things! The issue is when people assume that because you’re a gay man, you’re _________. The following 13 stereotypes …