13 Myths and Misconceptions About Gay Men

There are lots of stereotypes about queer people. This post is going to explore some of the stereotypes concerning gay men. Many of the items in the list are not bad things! The issue is when people assume that because you’re a gay man, you’re _________. The following 13 stereotypes …

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Coming Out Stories: When Coming Out Is Shutting Yourself In

For me, being a skeptic, and the personal importance skepticism has for me, almost entirely boils down to one thing: knowing that I’m an irrational, crazy idiot capable of incredible cognitive distortions and amazing feats of self-deception. Skepticism is a safety precaution and coping mechanism. My intellectual emergency brakes. The …


The Frivolous World of Simon Doonan

Recently, Jeff Gordinier of The New York Times published a discussion/interview with Simon Doonan, who is promoting his new book. Doonan is an author and an employee at Barneys New York known for his over-the-top window dressings. I should admit up front, I have not read his new book Gay Men Don’t …