Patriarchy: Origins, how to Think It, and Implications

Patriarchy means, in short, “men rule”; on this one thing, at least, any of the dictionaries or feminist sites you’ll find on a quick search can agree. Feminists can further agree that men have some sort of systemic advantage that grants them economic and political – social – dominance. There …


#ProunounsNotPrivateParts: What to Ask (and What Not to Ask) Trans People

[CN: Genitals] I don’t know why, but a lot of cisgender people are fascinated by transgender people’s genitals. It’s as if it never occurred them that genitals do not always equal gender. I understand that cis people want to know more about what it means to be transgender, and I …

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Deep Stealth Mode

A small girl sings Let it Go from Frozen as tears stream down my face. It’s the drop of water that breaks the dam. Crying is dangerous. I’m flying at 70 mph past Rochester NY on the first leg of a 3000 mile drive to a new life in California. …

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Queer: What’s In A Word?

Over on the Queereka Facebook page, someone left a couple of comments in response to Benny’s fantastic post about the “born this way” narrative. I think the issue that came up in the comments there is worth exploring in a bit more depth. Image Transcript: Eden Munday: It seems inappropriate …


Will Ruby Rose Help People Understand Gender Fluidity?

All this week, we at Queereka have been reviewing the new season of Orange is the New Black. I, unfortunately, haven’t contributed because 1). I’m really busy with work and school, so I don’t have much time for binge watching right now, and 2). I’ve only seen the first three …


Being Genderqueer, Being Misgendered, Being Really Awkward About It

When I tell the woman behind the desk at the gym that I’d like to sign up for a membership, her face breaks into a smile. “Brilliant, sweetheart! I’ll just need to phone our people upstairs – two secs, okay?” She picks up a handset and dials. “Karen? Hi, it’s …

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My Gender Is Orange: Coming Out As–And Explaining–Genderqueer

[CN: Bullying, Gender Dysphoria] Whenever I tell someone I’m genderqueer, the first thing people usually ask is, “What’s that?” Most people understand the L and G of LGBTQIAA, but when it comes to the other letters, they are usually clueless. Two years before coming out as genderqueer, I already confused …

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AI: Identity versus Perception

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the interaction between a person’s identity and the way other people perceive them. I identify as a quiet person, but not everyone who knows me sees me the same way.  Ultimately, the reality is more complicated than either quiet or not quiet.  …