Pronoun Practice

You are going to get the pronouns wrong. I do and I consider myself genderqueer.  I’ve had more opportunities than most to think about gender as a non-binary thing, more time to detach gender from appearances and presentation. But I’m still human and I still make mistakes. And just like …


Scenes From A Genderqueer Life

[CN: Dysphoria] It’s Sunday morning, and I’m picking out my outfit for the day. I pull out a deep v-neck women’s t-shirt and a pair of women’s capris. I check to see if my exposed legs are still smooth, even though it’s been a few days since I last Naired …


Will Ruby Rose Help People Understand Gender Fluidity?

All this week, we at Queereka have been reviewing the new season of Orange is the New Black. I, unfortunately, haven’t contributed because 1). I’m really busy with work and school, so I don’t have much time for binge watching right now, and 2). I’ve only seen the first three …


Being Genderqueer, Being Misgendered, Being Really Awkward About It

When I tell the woman behind the desk at the gym that I’d like to sign up for a membership, her face breaks into a smile. “Brilliant, sweetheart! I’ll just need to phone our people upstairs – two secs, okay?” She picks up a handset and dials. “Karen? Hi, it’s …

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My Gender Is Orange: Coming Out As–And Explaining–Genderqueer

[CN: Bullying, Gender Dysphoria] Whenever I tell someone I’m genderqueer, the first thing people usually ask is, “What’s that?” Most people understand the L and G of LGBTQIAA, but when it comes to the other letters, they are usually clueless. Two years before coming out as genderqueer, I already confused …


The Kids Aren’t All White: Diversity in the Genderqueer Community

Hi there! I know we’ve only just met, but you seem super nice, so I’m going to tell you a few things about myself. Firstly, I am profoundly embarrassed by the terrible pun in the title of this post. Reader, I am sorry. Secondly, I’m genderqueer. If you’ve read any …


We Have More To Worry About Than Not Getting Cake, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

[CN: HOMOPHOBIA, TRANSPHOBIA, VIOLENCE] Last week at the 2015 American Atheists convention, Ayaan Hirsi Ali gave a keynote address about the dangers of radical Islam. I haven’t seen the entire video, but from all accounts it was a powerful speech about the threat Islamic extremists pose on the world. Except …

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The Problem with Being Trans and Mentally Ill

When I was nineteen, I was referred to a psychiatrist to be assessed for bipolar disorder. The assessment lasted an hour, and at first, I thought it was going pretty well. Like many other people who have dealt with mental illness from childhood, I am very, very used to not …