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QUICKIES 7/5/2013

Sexual surrogates and issues of ability, this time, without Helen Hunt. Tension and bloodshed continues to rise in Egypt. Dozens of people were wounded in clashes in Morsi’s Nile Delta home city on Thursday, raising fears of more of the violence in which several dozen have died in the past month. …

a copper IUD
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The IUD Option: Stigma, Falsehoods, and Shaming

This confession may come as a shock to some: I have never been in love with menstruation. The dread of a surprise attack, cramps, the discomfort of cotton wads crammed where no wads of cotton should be. While still respecting those who savor their bloody womanhood, I grew up wishing …

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Intersex Man, 66, Suffers Bigotry by the Media

I got a link today to an article from the South China Morning Post about an intersex man. The story is interesting, but the article itself is horrible. They are completely ignorant of intersex people, and as an extension, gender non-conforming people in general. The title goes: “Man, 66, goes to …

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Oh, you don’t take pills? How nice for you.

As is the custom of my people, I begin with a vignette. A person I know is taking antibiotics for a hilarious, as in schadenfreude, reason I won’t get into. It appears he is allergic to it. So now in addition to hilarious reason, he’s covered in an itchy rash …

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A Defense of “Moron” as an Insult

[TL;DR version at the end of the article] Chris Clarke posting at Pharyngula has written a condemnation of the use of the insult, ‘moron,’ in response to a challenge from a reader. But he’s right about my not having offered my opinion on the use of the word “moron”.   …

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AI: Governmental Measures

This week, Brazilian government announced that trans* people will have the right to use their social names – that is, the name they chose and that fits their identity – to present themselves within the Sistema Universal de Saúde/SUS (Universal Healthcare System). The legal names don’t cease to exist, as …

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AI: The Harms of Natural Medicine

This holiday season, a 14-year-old cousin of mine had to have an emergency appendectomy and spent New Year’s eve hospitalized. She had the surgery on Dec. 29th, but she’d been showing symptoms (unbearable pain that refrained her from even walking and inability to keep anything in her stomach among them) …

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Mis-Abling and The Disability Closet

This year, when I sat down and thought about what I’m really, enduringly thankful for, I noticed a pattern. On top of the more universal things – my family, my friends, and above all, my cat Cedric (name changed to protect purr-vacy) – there were some items on the list …