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Permission Slips for Women

Via Pandagon, the Obama Campaign posted this image to their tumblr that really highlights the absurdity of the idea that an employer can veto your medical decisions:  As Amanda points out, this fight is about whether you get to spend your money as you wish.  This week Rush Limbaugh, the …

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Sunday School: On Kissing Cousins

Skeptics and atheists almost universally support marriage equality across genders, and increasingly independent of number and exclusivity. Lately i’ve read advocacy for *full* marriage equality, including for close relatives (consanguineous relationships). The only reasonable objections i’ve ever heard have to do with the increased risk of disorders and immunodeficiency. However, …

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The Comparison of BIID and GID

A few days ago, Christina Stephens, a friend and partner of JT Eberhard posted a fantastic and fascinating piece on Body Identity Integrity Disorder over at Eberhard’s blog, WWJTD. BIID, while one of those things that is widely “known of” (in the pub quiz night “ever heard of those people …

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Queer Health: Healthcare Providers and You

This piece wouldn’t be complete without the hard work that Natalie Reed has done, both from a research standpoint and from graciously sharing her experience and wisdom in navigating the medical system herself. I’ve taken a lot of what she said and woven throughout my original piece. However, any mistakes …

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Queer Health: Trans Pregnancy

Welcome to Queer Health. This column runs every week on Wednesday, and addresses readers’ questions about health and medicine, queerness, and how these two worlds intersect.