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Queer Health: New HIV Preventions

A recent study from the CDC has found that HIV infection among young, urbanite gay men is on the rise. According to the report, researchers gathered data from 1994 to 2008 in 5 different cities across the U.S., showing a rising 16% prevalence of HIV among 23 to 29 year …

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Queer Health: Avoiding the Stealth Bomb

Back a few months ago some friends of mine passed around a (not safe for work) blog post titled “Stealth Bomb: What it is, What it isnt, How it Works.” I do recommend clicking that link and reading the post but please be forwarned: The post is definitely not work …

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AI: Female Condoms

On Sunday posted a good article about female condoms. They covered all of the basics: What they are, how they have changed since they were new, how to get them in Chicago, and what people do and do not know about them. Scientific American also has a good description …