Finding a Home in the Capital of the Silicon Valley is Almost Impossible

It’s raining in San Jose today. It started sometime last night with rolling, grey. Grey I haven’t seen since driving out here from Albany two months ago. It’s a welcome sight. The American West bore the scars of long-term drought. Wyoming was blond with dead grass along the I-80. Nevada’s …


What I Mean When I Say “Monosexual Privilege”

[CN: Biphobia, Suicide, Health Issues] Recently I wrote on my Bi Any Means Facebook page, “If someone of any sort of privilege–white privilege, male privilege, cis privilege, straight privilege, monosexual privilege, Christian privilege, etc.–is offended because I dared to call out their privileges and critique their faulty logic, so fucking …

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Queer: What’s In A Word?

Over on the Queereka Facebook page, someone left a couple of comments in response to Benny’s fantastic post about the “born this way” narrative. I think the issue that came up in the comments there is worth exploring in a bit more depth. Image Transcript: Eden Munday: It seems inappropriate …

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So What If I Wasn’t Born This Way

The “born this way” story of queer identity is one most people in modern developed countries know well. It is applied to people of all sexual orientations and to trans people, especially binary trans people, and tells us that the right way to be queer follows a common structure. We …


Why I’m Both Happy And Cynical About Yesterday’s Marriage Equality Ruling

Yesterday was a milestone for the LGBT+ movement; the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in all fifty states. What seemed at first as just a dream is now a reality for many same-sex couples in America. As I write this, more than twenty-four hours after …

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British General Election: The Results are In!

As you’re no doubt aware, Thursday was general election day for the UK. Millions of us read the headlines in our heavily biased newspapers, millions of us were bombarded with incredibly annoying campaign leaflets, millions of us shuffled out to vote, and millions of us woke up on Friday morning …

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What is Loneliness?

Members of the LGBT community are disproportionately isolated from friends and family. Some of us have been rejected by our families. Many of us have been forced to move far away from the towns where we grew up in order to find more accepting communities. Much is made of LGBT …


The Kids Aren’t All White: Diversity in the Genderqueer Community

Hi there! I know we’ve only just met, but you seem super nice, so I’m going to tell you a few things about myself. Firstly, I am profoundly embarrassed by the terrible pun in the title of this post. Reader, I am sorry. Secondly, I’m genderqueer. If you’ve read any …