Are Atheists The Most Hated Group In America? Well . . .

[CN: TRANSPHOBIA, HOMOPHOBIA, VIOLENCE] On Tuesday night, CNN did a special on atheism in America. I didn’t watch it because I had a feeling CNN wasn’t going to get it right. Whenever the mainstream media talks about atheism, it usually portrays us as little Richard Dawkins clones running around telling religious …


Queering Ecology and Greening the Rainbow

I recently attended a panel discussion on why inclusive workplaces are an essential part of environmental sustainability and how to make workplaces inclusive. The material presented was interesting in its own right, but what it really got me thinking about was how infrequently these two movements (queer rights and environmentalism) …

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Your Privilege, My Privilege: Addressing Homophobia in the Middle East

In May, 2013, I was in Istanbul. I was eighteen and travelling alone for the first time, and despite my super cool, worldly-backpacker exterior, I was shitting it. Istanbul is a scary place for a first-time traveller. It’s vast and chaotic, with a street map that looks like a tangled …

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Raise a Glass

When I came out it was far from triumphant. The awkwardness of the affair, the strange, muted reaction of the family and the sudden shift in the way a large portion of my friends perceived me shifted things to the negative. Within a month girl friends of mine tried to …


Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). From the International Transgender Day of Remembrance page: The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. The event is held in November to honor Rita Hester, whose murder on November 28th, …

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Queers Represent! Web comics with a great queer cast

UPDATE: As my (newly) faithful readers have pointed out, Jamie’s first lady relationshipish thing was not with Erin but with Angel (maybe?) and then definitely with Thea. Thanks for setting me straight…err, right! Marginalized communities talk a lot about representation, why it matters, how it gets done when it gets …

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I For One Welcome Our New Affirmative Consent Overlords

As you may have heard, last Sunday California enacted a new “Yes Means Yes” statute governing state university policy towards sexual assault. This law has been a while in coming, and the usual suspects have been whinging about it on and off for months, but generally speaking I feel like …


We Aren’t Ready for Inclusive Atheism Yet

Let me just say first that I agree with what you’re about to shout into your computer, that supportive and accepting inclusivity should always be a top priority for any community group or movement, especially one comprised of intersectionally-marginalized people (not only are we all marginalized as nonbelievers, many of …