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The Queerview Mirror: Glee “Bash”

Edited on 4/19/14. Hey, guys! We are reviving The Queerview Mirror, a review of something queer-related (movies, websites, tv shows, anything) brought to you by one of us Queereka folks every Friday. Enjoy! Caution: this post might contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen the recent Glee episode “Bash.” Let …

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Bisexual but not Binary

Hi y’all.* I’m a new contributor to Queereka! This post is about how I came to terms with my bisexuality and the term “bisexual” as a gray-A, non-binary person. I grew up in a small town in PA. No one was gay. “Gay” was just an insult boys hurled at …

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Why I can’t stand neo-segregationists

As is my wont, I was hovering spectrally in the internet’s howling dark when my friend sent me a message with a link to this trainwreck on Salon.com, along with the demand that I “tell her why this article rubs her the wrong way.” With gusto! The article is titled, …

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What weird old trick did one local person use to be smarter and more empathetic? The answer will shock you.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local mom in $__*_%%^IP-BASED LOCALE STRING__$%%%%$ has discovered that by avoiding the use of one word they can immediately invoke empathy in both themself and their listener, and improve their communications clarity by upwards of 169%. Click here to learn more about what word you should avoid …

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The Diversity Catch-22

This post originally appeared on School of Doubt. It was written by Dan. Applying for academic jobs is no small task, as many of you know, and for those of us on the market the process tends to come with a heaping helping of stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and frustration. In fact, the combination …

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Queereka Podcast Episode 3

The second episode is up! You can listen to the episode here. You can also find us on iTunes or use the RSS feed here: http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/podcast-rss.php?id=1127 In this episode you will hear me and Cheyenne (a former Queereka writer) discuss sex work and sex worker rights. Cheyenne’s other work includes …


‘The Power of Language’

Recently I attended a workshop held by my university’s multicultural group entitled that was focused on how language and power/privilege interact. It had the potential to be a great lecture, full of meaningful examples of how language reveals underlying biases and other good stuff. But it wasn’t. Instead, the discussion …