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SCOTUS Rules: Marriage for All!

Today, just 2 days before the 46th anniversary of the Stonewall riot, the US Supreme Court has ruled that marriage is a right guaranteed to all citizens. In the next days and weeks, same-sex couples will be able to marry all over the United States, and Puerto Rico is amending …


No Place to Pee – Gender Neutral Bathrooms in UK Law

So, did you know that in the UK, it’s actually – by law – very difficult for businesses to install unisex bathrooms? Up until last week, I certainly didn’t. As a non-binary person who doesn’t always pass as male or female, unisex bathrooms in public spaces are pretty high up …

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Judge Bob Loblaw Presiding

There are times, particularly in movies, tv, or books, when the beleaguered little guy wins a court case via some dramatically discovered technicality. The world rejoices that the “good guy” won, even if it wasn’t on the merits of their argument or overwhelming preponderance of evidence. Case in point – …

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Religious Liberty and the Right to Discriminate: How Privileging Religious Belief Endangers Civil Rights

Deference to religious belief, specifically Christianity, is deeply ingrained in American culture, so much so that arguments that would look suspiciously like discrimination, bigotry, and hate are not only excused but held up by our Supreme Court when coated in the veneer of religious liberty. Such was the case with …

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Retort and Riposte: More Grad School Stuff

So for those of you who missed the earlier exchange Dan and I have been having a bit of a back-and-forth RE: the state of graduate education. I broke the topic with an article on the Duke Collective, a group of students who had resorted to wage sharing to help …

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Why the Recent Spate of “Religious Freedom” Bills May Be a Good Thing

Anybody who has been paying attention to politics recently has probably heard about the “religious freedom” bills that have been hitting a number of states recently. It’s a little mind boggling that all of them have been making it to state legislatures all at the same time, with similar language, …

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Guest Post: Will Chelsea Manning Get People Talking About Trans* Issues?

The following post is a guest post from Marci. Marci is a 23-year-old transgender woman from the UK who creates music, is an equality activist, runs a support group, and a gammer in her free time. She can be found on Twitter @MarciHawkins. If you had asked a trans* person …