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More Worthy Than Others

According to Republicans in the US House of Representatives, this is how who deserves protection from domestic abuse should be determined. Before extending protection to women, it is the job of government, apparently, to carefully weigh which women are fully worthy of that protection. Their grave deliberations concluded, we know …

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Fallen Women

That’s what we used to be called in another era of sex work prohibition, “rehabilitation”, during another national scare and shame. The Industrial Era brought with it a new kind of sex worker, better suited to capitalism and the phenomenon of interchangeable parts, and “fallen woman” was the euphemism of …


Don’t Say You’re Gay

Most of you are probably familiar with the “Don’t Say Gay” bill from Stacey Campfield, state senator in Tennessee. The last time we heard about it, it was innocuously attempting to prohibit faculty from discussing homosexuality with students. This time, it’s *also* requiring faculty to report to a parent if a student expresses …

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Queer Health: Obamacare and Transgender Health

Apparently I recently lost my abilities to function like an adult and forgot how to read a calendar, and completely missed last Saturday’s scheduled Queer Health post. So, here it is, a little late. And don’t worry, I have since regained my somewhat adult-like mind. Back in July the Department …

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An open letter to Lawrence Harmon

Mr. Harmon, I just read your article, “Judge goes too far in sex change ruling” published in The Boston Globe, and I must say I’m quite disturbed by your complete lack of humanity. Not only does your piece read like a second grader’s essay about unicorns, but it’s so full of …

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Not the E.N.D.A., But a Good Start

It’s not often we all get something to celebrate, as a community. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s most recent ruling, in favor of a trans woman claiming discrimination, is absolutely cause for dancing in the streets. Every one of their offices are directed to take transgender claims seriously in investigations, …

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Elections and Electives

  Get eleven to sixteen million people together, which is the number of people employed by federal contractors, and odds are that a very healthy portion are part of the QUILTBAG. Promised protections against LGBT discrimination in federal contracting would have guaranteed their jobs against bigots. As an important benefit …