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Why do straight feminists hate lesbian and trans feminists?

Don’t you want to know the answer? Do you? DO YOU? Well you had better click on this article. It’s very important that you click on this article. Please click on this article. Oh god I’m begging you to click on this article. Have you clicked on this article yet? …

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Supreme Court Ruling

Although you have probably read about it elsewhere, today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on cases regarding Proposition 8 in California and the Defense of Marriage Act. They found that the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, which means that the federal rights of marriage (filing taxes together, …


It’s My Oppression and You Can’t Have Any

For Christmas, I got the latest hipster craze: an old-timey retro phone thing that plugs into my smart phone, so that anyone playing “Crazy or Bluetooth?” can feel alive again as they gaze upon my curled cord descending into my purse (Kidding! I don’t have a freakin purse). Some day …

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Coming Out Stories: The Reaction of a Conservative Christian Friend

I recently contacted an old friend from college through Facebook. We were very close during our time in school, and I wanted to come out to her in hopes that we would be able to stay in touch, however infrequently. My Alma Mater is a very conservative, Christian college, and …

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AI: Stereotyping Relationships

So as she listened to me complain about my latest squabble with the girlfriend, a friend of mine let out: “See, that’s why I don’t date other girls. They get upset so easily over nothing!” Now, she was obviously joking. But comments like this usually get me thinking of other …

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Queer Health: The Number of LGBT Friendly Hospitals is on the Rise

Last time on Queer Health, Will wrote a nice piece describing his research on the realities of LGBTQ issues in the health care field. In a nicely timed coincidence the Human Rights Campaign just released the results of their 2012 Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), which seeks to determine how many …

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The Queerview Mirror: Lip Service

Caution: this contains MASSIVE spoilers for the second series of BBC series “Lip Service”. You have been warned…   In 2010 a Stonewall report found that, out of a sample of 126 hours and 42 minutes of UK broadcasting, just seven minutes depicted lesbians “positively and realistically”. That’s about 0.1% …


Internalized Homophobia Turned Outward

What the queer community has suspected for basically forever is true: One of the driving factors causing homophobic opinions and behaviors is one's OWN same-sex desires. A new paper from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that homophobic college students are more likely than other heterosexual-identified students to …