Math, I Will Conquer You Yet

This may be a story about my tenacity and determination. It may be a story about my inability to see reason and quit an unwinnable war. It is a somewhat long story, but far less long for you than it has been for me. I hope you will bear with …

A lattice

Montely mathematics: Some Algebra(s)

Initially, I would like to congratulate Miller for quickly answering both questions last month. Now, to mathematics. The topic for this month is a hodgepodge of linear algebra, field theory, and universal algebra. I think that the wall of text last time scared some people off. So, I tried to …


Monthly Mathematics: Group theory and Topology

This is an idea that popped into my mind a while back that I’ve really wanted to make a thing. I think the monthly mathematics could be a really useful facility for skeptics to practice critical thinking skills and logic. As a skeptic, I believe critical thinking is a corner …


QUICKIES 2013-02-13

New record for largest prime integer known having 17,425,170 digets! Old news, but I haven’t seen it talked about in the skeptic community. I also would like to satisfy my mathematical side. The Pope resigns… As I’m sure you were all aware. Anecdote that is completely unrelated, I’m part of …

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Thinking like a Mathematician

Warning! Math-related post! Don’t let that scare you off! Math can actually be fun, and will help your reasoning abilities. — As I was wandering around the blogosphere, I stumbled upon an interesting article over at Michellalianna that has nothing to do with what I am going to write about. …