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The Enemy Within: Part 1

I’d like to talk about shame. More honestly, I have to. There’s nothing about shame I enjoy discussing, and when the topic comes up in our home, between my partner and myself, it almost always provokes tears, choking up, and casts a pall over whatever happiness we were sharing. This …

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AI: Worst Science Teacher

I am attending a community college, taking my general degree requirements before transferring to a University for my BS. This summer I am taking Intro to Psychology class (3 credits, 6 weeks, pretty intensive). I was excited about my class – one of my partners is in the Psych field …

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Queer Health: Standards of Care

As a transgirl smack-dab in the middle of her transition, I have a vested interest in transgender rights developments around the world. Often times I’m left disappointed, but some news coming out of South America earlier this month has me all aflutter; Argentina has passed a transgender rights law light-years …


An Object Lesson: Part 1

If you’ve ever argued with a self identified “rational, logical” person over the existence of things like patriarchy, odds are you cherish the times science backs up your claims. Of course, you also probably have had whatever studies you proffered dismissed out of hand as quackery, or worse, taken as …


Internalized Homophobia Turned Outward

What the queer community has suspected for basically forever is true: One of the driving factors causing homophobic opinions and behaviors is one's OWN same-sex desires. A new paper from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that homophobic college students are more likely than other heterosexual-identified students to …


Being Closeted to Yourself

I am a straight woman. That’s what I would tell myself. I am a woman and I like men. This fiction overwhelmed my early childhood self-identification as a boy (or rather, “not like other girls,”) and formed the shell of an identity I assumed as my body changed from child …